Engineered Truss & Framed Wood Wall Panel Systems

Component Building Systems takes pride in offering the best quality structural products and the best service in the industry.  If your project has a roof, walls, or a floor, we can design, engineer and manufacture a complete system that meets your needs.  

Roof Truss Systems

Over 80% of new construction projects make use of pre-fabricated engineered wood roof truss systems, for very good reason.  Trusses can clear span farther than dimensional lumber, reducing the need for bearing walls on the interior of a structure.  They significantly reduce construction time, labor costs, and wasted materials.  Most importantly, roof trusses are properly designed by engineers to carry significant loads while maintaining the aesthetic of the building's design.  

Component Building Systems takes the industry standard design practices a step further by using connector plates that are larger than necessary to increase strength and on site handling ability.  Our graded lumber is sourced from a select group of quality suppliers and kept completely dry from the mill through the fabrication process.  We include custom, detailed installation manuals with every truss system order to make installation fast, efficient, and accurate.  Our knowledgable sales reps and engineering staff are available to answer questions during the design phase and prior to installation to make integrating your truss system into your building project easy and cost effective.   

Floor Truss Systems

An open web floor truss system is the most efficient and versatile way to construct floors in your building project.  Floor trusses span further distances than dimensional lumber allowing for larger open spaces below. They are faster to install than traditional lumber because they require no cutting, and they eliminate job site framing waste.

Component Buildings Systems' signature aligned webs and chase reduce the labor and material costs for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC while also eliminating the chance that a subcontractor will cause a costly mistake by cutting a structural member in the wrong place.   

And because your system is custom designed, it accounts for the loads generated by your roof and walls, ensuring the overall integrity of your structure.

Framed Wood Wall Panel Systems

Custom designed and engineered by the same team that is responsible for your roof and floor truss systems, a wall panel system brings the same level of quality and structural integrity to the rest of your structure.  We build every wall in the structure out of top quality 2x4 lumber, complete with framed door and window openings, engineered headers & beams, sloping top plates, and exterior sheathing.  The only thing left for you to do is place the walls by following an easy-to-read layout.

Our on-time delivery and detailed installation manual speeds up your overall construction time, limits waste, prevents materials theft and saves you money.

Component Building Systems manufactures engineered wood truss systems and framed wood wall panel systems for single family residential, multifamily, and commercial building projects.  We routinely deliver to job sites in Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.