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Framing the American Dream

"The time necessary to construct homes is a significant factor in their availability and affordability. Reducing construction times not only translates to lower labor costs and the ability to build more homes in the same time period, it also means homeowners can begin enjoying their homes sooner."

In the building industry, it can be difficult to compare the actual costs associated with using a particular building material.  The easy part of the equation are the direct, tangible costs associated with actually purchasing the materials.  The tricky part is determining (and controlling) the labor associated with installing those materials.  To make that job easier, the SBCA has put together an apples-to-apples comparison project.  During the project, they built identical houses at the same time with the same crew but using different materials.  The clear winner was the house built entirely out of structural components, with over 200 hours of man hours saved.  Those work hours represent a significant cost in both time and money to a home builder.

Most builders already use roof trusses because of the significant time savings as well as the structural advantages of using self supporting clear span trusses.  What those builders may not realize is that they can see those same savings in their walls and floors as well.  Wood Framed Wall Panel Systems come ready to install with window and door openings already in place.  Open Web Floor Truss Systems can eliminate costly piers in a foundation and annoying columns in a basement, while making a subcontractor's job easier (and less expensive) because those open webs allow ductwork, plumbing, a electrical to run exactly where it's needed without cutting and drilling.

Go check out the Framing the American Dream project, and then call Component Building Systems to learn how we can help you Build Smarter.