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Builder Online identifies building components as a solution to labor shortfalls.

It's no secret that the building industry is suffering from a lack of skilled labor.  Last month, Builder Online shared several strategies that builders could use to combat this threat to their bottom line.

The easiest method that they suggested to implement is also the one in which Component Building Systems has the most experience. Switching from traditional stick-framing to using whole house building components vastly reduces the labor requirements on a building project.  

If you're a builder that is lucky enough to have a skilled crew, you can use roof trusses, framed walls, and floor trusses to increase their productivity.  Or, you could split those skilled workers up and pair them with new hires to take on even more builds without sacrificing build times and quality.  And if you're stuck without skilled labor, using components takes the responsibility for the structural integrity of a build off of the shoulders of inexperienced workers and puts it in the hands of a company that has been doing the job for 37 years.

Read the full article here, and then give us a call to talk about your truss and wall panel needs on your next project.