Build Smarter

The Benefits of Using Whole Structure Componentization™

Build faster

"Time is Money" isn't just an old saying.  To the competitive builder, time is the difference between breaking even and making their builds profitable.  Think about everything that you pay a crew member to do.  With Building Components, your framing crew doesn't have to stop to decipher blueprints. They don't have cut (and re-cut) lumber.  They don't have to sort through bundles of lumber to weed out the crooked boards.  And they don't have to clean up.  The average crew can build 2.5 component homes in the same time it takes to build a single “stick built” house.  

Ever been behind schedule because of a solid week of rain? How much does your crew slow down when it's below freezing or 100 degrees in the shade?  When you start using components, weather becomes less of an issue because you can be under roof in a single day.

Put simply, using Floor Trusses, Wall Panels, and Roof Trusses gives you the ability to do more in less time.  What will you do with that time?


Save Money

The SBCA conducts apple-to-apples tests as part of its Framing The American Dream project.  Time and time again it has been proven that using Building Components saves builders time and money. If you save 200+ man hours on a typical project, you have just put thousands of dollars back into your pocket. 

Nobody likes waste, especially when it's wasted money.  Often, builders associate certain types of waste with "the cost of doing business."  You accept that a few boards get cut too short, and hope you can just use them elsewhere.  You accept that pile of scraps and sawdust and the dumpster needed to haul it all away as "part of the building process".  You have learned that losing building materials overnight to theft is to be expected.  What if those things were greatly reduced?  Could you bid more competitively on your next job?  Or would you invest those savings back into your business?  

For our top tier customers who are using whole house components, we take costs savings a step further by providing Free House Wrap for the entire project.  There is simply no better way to save money on the overall project than by using components.

Increased quality

Over the last 37 years, we've built everything from mini-barns to multi-family housing.  Our components have been trusted for apartment buildings, dormitories, and commercial building projects.  We build homes designed by architects and barns drawn up by farmers.  We have consistently trussed the projects that "couldn't be trussed" by our competitors using our unparalleled expertise, cutting edge technology, and advanced manufacturing techniques.

To be a successful builder in 2016, you need a quality component manufacturer to meet the structural requirements for your projects.  You also need someone who knows the difference between "meets code" and "makes the homeowner happy" because no engineering drawing will ease a homeowner's mind when he sees and feels deflection in his new floor.

Over time, we've built relationships to purchase lumber direct from select southern yellow pine mills that share our commitment to quality. Those partnerships insure that we always have a consistently high quality source of materials for components, so you can rely on the same quality of materials in our products from one job to the next.  



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